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Meet our newest stallion, DD Ulixes Elliot

In the picture, young Elliot with his Sire Ulixes

In 2017, we decided to try a breeding with  our black mare Rika to preserve the bloodline of her Sire, our past Henryville stallion BGR PRINCE D-CROMWELL #6331 and past chestnut mare CALO XNO EMERAUDE  #6479

The result was this beautiful chestnut colt. His  colour is coming from one generation up, both his grandmother were chestnut. (Praline and Ema)

Elliot has  25 % Henryville , 25% Viger,  25% Fox, 12.5 % Royal and 12.5 % St-Anne-de-Becancour

Elliot will be available for outside breeding starting spring 2019. 

We expect him to mature around 14.3 or 15hh. He is a very friendly colt and has lived with 10 other geldings since his early age. 

Past stallions

DD Pacha Ulixes


Now a gelding.

BGR Prince D-Cromwell


Died in 2010

De Magny Kiri Pacha


Died in 2007.