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Animaderm-Natural Equine Skin care


Why I became a distributor ........

Back in 2008, my Canadian Horse gelding started sweet itch. After trying all kind of products and drugs, I turned toward natural products. 

I found DERFEN, made in France. That was the only product that help my horse with his itchiness and I was able to keep a mane on him and control the wounds under his belly with the derfen cream.  Since then, I have been using & testiing  all Animaderm products (derfen, derfly, natjely, derfongen , fourgen etc) with my horses and was so happy with the results that in 2015 , I became a distributor for Canada. 


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Itchy Skin andhorse insect repellent

Sweet Itch, tail & mane rubbing


Derfen (clear or original) will stops the itchiness associated with sweet itch or mud fever. It will sooth the irritated skin  and help the hair to re-grow. Apply every 3-7 days or when your horse starts to be itchy again. 

$45 (250 ml) $75 (500ml)

Derfen 250 ml ($45) and 500 ml ($75)

Mud fever, scratches, rain rot

mud fever

Derfongen, a milky lotion for mud problems like mud fever, scratches and other complications associated with bacteria or fungus. 

Highly effective for crusty , scabby pasterns.

Apply once a week only. On sale now $43

Derfongen $48.00

Irritated & dry skin, dandruffs

natjely, skin irritation

Natjely® is the first ever vegetable vaseline, 100% natural, moisturizes dry, damaged and irritated skin (mud fever). Created a Waterproof barrier to your horse's skin. Use it on any  bare area to protect the skin from further complications or as an insect barrier on the belly and genitals.  $ 29

Natjely $29

Sweet itch, belly , face & wounds

sweet itch cream derfen

Derfen®Cream has been specially developed for itchiness located in delicate zones, such as ears, belly and genital areas of the horse.Same efficacy and indication of the derfen lotion. Apply once every 3-7 days. $39

derfen cream $39

Derfly, the ultimate insects barrier


An innovative insect barrier, 100% natural, contains a slippery micro-wax that  prevent insect adherence and bitting. Long lasting (48/72hrs) , Derfly has no water, therefore no waste due to evaporation when your horse exercises or sweat. Use it with Derfen on your sweet itch horse.  Apply with the glove or with a micro fibre cloth , 

Derfly $64, Glove $4.00

Calming Shampoo for sensitive skin

sensitive horse skin shampoo

New calming and soothing shampoo for irritated skin. Does not contain any soap or chemical ingredients.
Formulated with cleansing and foaming ingredients coming from sugar and coconut esters, 100% biodegradable.
Recommended for horses with very sensitive or allergic skin (dermatitis, sweet itch, mud fever ). $39

Calming Shampoo $39

Hoof care

Waterproof Protection

hoof waterproof

Ongifen, waterproof protection 100% natural,  It conditions the sole and the frog. Being waterproof, Ongifen® protects the hoof from humidity, whilst assuring the necessary hydration to the horn through its ultra-moisturizing action and may be used on all parts of the hoof. 

Ongifen ($33.00)

Thrush Protection

hoof thrush

A 100% natural  serum , Fourgen is indicated for prevention and solution for  thrush-infected equine frogs

Fourgen works against bacterial and fungal complications. Use  it as prevention once a week or to once per day in the preseence of thrush. 

Fourgen $37