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Le Cheval Canadien ( The Canadian Horse)

 About us

For over 20 years now, Dave and I (Lynda) have been breeding, training and working with Le Cheval Canadien, the Canadian Horse. Growing up in Québec, I have a very close relationship with the breed and good friendships with Québec breeders who dedicated their life promoting the Canadian Horse and obtaining the recognition  it derserved.  We appreciate everything about the breed , their strength and little weaknesses . We specially appreciate their willingness to work long hours in the trails and in the backcountry, that is when, you really see the beauty of their unique temperament. All our horses live outsides on a 80 acres property,

Our Goal

The Canadian is a heritage breed and in need of careful breeding to maintain the qualities which made it such a renowned historical breed. In addition to seeking to maintain proper physical type, the horse’s characteristic temperament and quality of m​ovement are priority in our selection of foundation breeding stock.

We have one stallion and 4 purebred mares in our breeding program. Our goal is to breed Canadians true to type while representing some of the less common bloodlines.We primarily breed Henryville & Viger, known for their gentle disposition and smaller, traditional conformation. We also have some Royal and Fox lines represented in our breeding stock.

Our expertise

We undertake all training at the ranch ourselves and use Canadians in our business as outfitters in Jasper National Park and for trail riding in Enderby. This includes work in harness and under riding ,pack saddle & lots of ground work with is Lynda's speciality. Our training program includes a good foundation, respecting each horse, their personality and their own ability to accomplish the work we expect them to do. We believe in giving the best foundation we can to our Canadians from the day they touch the ground until they leave us for a good home (Oregon, Colorado, Maryland, British Columbia, Alberta and Germany). 

In trying to keep our Canadians as versatile as we can , all horses will be ridden both in English and Western style during their first initial 90 days of training. Most of our stock is handled daily and can be viewed at our ranch here in Enderby. Our facility includes an outdoor riding arena ( 80X150) , round pen and trails. We generally have a selection of various age group and training levels at our ranch. 

Please feel free to contact us anytime for further information. Nous parlons Français. Dave & Lynda Flato

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